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OK! Magazine Article on A-list Celebrities’ Use of the Alexander Technique

The March 2013 issue of OK! magazine has an interesting article about Alexander Technique focused on the A-list celebrities who use it. Names mentioned include Madonna, Hilary Swank, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Joanna Lumley, Sir Paul McCartney, William Hurt, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Julia Sawalha, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax, John Cleese, Robin Williams… the list goes on and on.

The article mentions the usual benefits of reducing pain, tension and anxiety, but also focuses on something AT teachers don’t often do - looking better.   Of  course this is of great importance to celebrities under scrutiny all the time, but is actually something most of us are concerned with. Looking taller, slimmer straighter, less round-shouldered, tired/slumped are all things that the magazine article reminds us that the Technique encourages.

Victoria Beckham Fights Poor Posture with the Alexander Technique

She's been wearing towering stilettos her whole life - but Victoria Beckham fears her love of lavish footwear has caused her pain and postural problems and may leave her with a hunchback look as she gets older.

Instead of ditching the heels in favour of a nice pair of flatties however, Victoria has turned to the Alexander Technique.

It seems years of bad postural habits have ‘caused her bones to be improperly aligned, with her muscles, joints and ligaments taking more stress than they should'.  

The Alexander Technique appears to be doing the trick.  A friend of Mrs Beckham said, ‘You can tell that something is working as the years of Victoria's shoulders being slumped are now over'.

Victoria Beckham

 "... feeling so much better..."

Is Primary Control the Same as Core Stability?
The term core stability, which refers to the corset of muscle and connective tissue that encircles the spine and gives it support, has become a global buzzword. However, it means something entirely different from Alexander's rather less well known idea of the primary control, that a certain use of the head and the neck in relation to the rest of the body improves general coordination

This extract from Sean Carey’s book ‘Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity’ gives an Alexander Technique perspective on a familiar fitness trope.

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Light Steps for a Fine Balance When Walking
Exercise prevents many illnesses but if you adopt the wrong stance you will never gain your full height.

In this article Dr Sean Carey examines different styles of walking and describes an experiment we can all do to improve your biomechanical efficiency not only in walking, but in other everyday movements.

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Balanced Approach in the High Jump

Keeping the head and neck in balance plays a crucial role in a successful high jump run up, as Dr Sean Carey explains in this article in AW Performance magazine.

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Strike a Pose

Positioning your eyes properly is beneficial for speed and Jessica Ennis-Hill might benefit from adjusting her line of vision, suggests Dr Sean Carey in this article in AW Performance magazine.

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